Struggling with opioid addiction will steal your soul, mind, and body. For years I was legally prescribed the highest dosage of opiates legally allowed. Eventually, I became a prisoner to my addiction and couldn't beat it on my own. Instead, I continued my pill addiction and slowly increased my usage and spent every waking moment trying to get a little higher than the day before. I was close to losing everything important in my life. My career and family were being negatively affected by my opiate addiction. Luckily, I found Cedar Valley Recovery Services. The physician, counselors, nurses, and receptionists at  CVRS are  knowledgeable, compassionate, and understanding. As a whole, the staff works together to determine the appropriate dosage and counseling program to meet each patient's individualized needs. Today I am happy, productive, and sober. I work hard to mend and nourish all of the relationships that were once broken due to my opiate addiction. -Cedar Falls Client.


Making the choice to come to CVRS 13 years ago was what saved my life. I can’t say thank you enough to this treatment facility or to the people who work there. Because of them I now have my life back. To anyone who is thinking about getting help or has a loved one who needs help DON’T WAIT another minute. CVRS can AND WILL help you, the people are fantastic and understand what you’re going through. After failing at multiple other treatment centers I finally found CVRS and was able to get clean & stay clean. Had it not been for them I’m fairly certain that I would not be here today. I owe my life to CVRS & to every person who works there. Truly there are no words to express my gratitude- a “normal” life is something I never thought would be mine again. THANKS A MILLION for giving me my life back!!  -Marion Client.


In September of 2018 I had started treatment at Cedar Valley Recovery Services to seek help for my addiction.  After many past hospitalizations, detoxes, and treatment programs, only to relapse not long after— I felt both helpless and imprisoned to my habit.  Unfortunately, I never received the proper individualized care needed during my time at these facilities.  My options had always been limited, especially this time around.  This experience was particularly stressful for me since I had just moved halfway across the country to a city I knew nothing about.  Desperately, I took a leap of faith and contacted CVRS hoping they’d understand the urgency of my situation.  I was pleasantly surprised when they were able to get me scheduled for an intake the following morning!  Immediately after being assessed by the counselor, I was able to see a doctor who took plenty of time out to speak both to my mother and I.  The team was then able to create a treatment plan best suited for me.  For the first time, I honestly felt that I was receiving the quality and personalized care I knew was needed for my success.  Six months later, I’m happy to say I’ve remained drug and alcohol free since that day. My physical and mental health has improved more than ever, as well as my relationship with my family and myself.  I truly never felt it was possible for me to maintain  a successful, happy, healthy and sober life until starting treatment here at CVRS.  The staff works incredibly hard to ensure quality and individualized treatment for every single patient.  They have always remained in close contact with me, resolving any issue or concern I have within a timely manner.  Not once have I felt like I was “just a number” while here.  My counselor has especially been intelligent, resourceful, and flat out phenomenal since my first day here.  I’m beyond grateful to have found Cedar Valley Recovery Services.  Thank you for your patience, hard work, and dedication to your patients.  Without a doubt I’d recommend you to anybody seeking treatment.  You’ve been such a blessing to my mother’s prayers, as well as my own!  -Marion Client


After several years of battling my addiction I decided to try to regain control of my life.So I reached out to cedar valley recovery services for some help.They were very happy to help me. Don't get me wrong I was very scared just the thought of becoming sober.But they reassured me that it was going to be OK. Since coming to cedar valley recovery services I have began to find my self once again. They have taught me skills on how to cope with stressful situations which would cause me wanting to use again. And I no longer crave the drugs anymore. I have now been clean and sober now for 8 months now. But my story has yet to be finished. I had made the right decision for choosing Cedar valley recovery services. I'm starting to get my life back together. -Marion Client